IMG_1951 5It is our vision to be striving to be God’s people. As such, we work hard to provide for the needs of all members of our community, regardless of age, gender, or any other separator that we tend to put between us. We truly believe that we better model a Christian Community if there are differences in our midst and we don’t always agree on everything. Our worship services offer a blended approach, specifically chosen so it is God who is worshipped in as many ways as possible. Our fellowship activities attempt to be varied and are open to all who would like to join. Our Bible Studies are numerous and seek to both provide answers and generate questions.
We are actively involved in our community. We attend local events as a church family and cheer for our community’s children. We invite others into our church for supper and movie nights. We invite the Senior Citizens to monthly events that are IMG_1931designed especially for them. We look to create fun and informative youth group activities that provide as many laughs as lessons. We provide a program for those in our community looking to improve their lives, offering personal, dedicated, and experienced help. We worship God with all of our heart, our minds, our strength. We are striving to be God’s people.